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Happy anniversary to me.

Mar. 23rd, 2010 | 03:58 pm
It's got a beat, I can dance to it: The Stone Roses – I Wanna Be Adored

Eight years ago today I wrote my first livejournal entry.

Never did get around to migrating the old blog here, with the exception of one spectacularly strange entry from 1997. No, it's not the dream entry, it's a conversation with someone I was getting to know.

Funny how not-having-your-voice comes through in the re-reading.

I notice how little I write now.

Comparisons aside, I'm still the same person. Same fingers, same eyes, same brain. Perhaps less motivation to share, or overshare, now that I have a name that shows up in the Google search engine.

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Sep. 12th, 1997 | 07:02 pm

These dreams were just ..bizarre. I think the thing that got me shaking at first were the scorpions. I had just finished something .. a walk, a distance..come from somewhere - and when I got to my room I saw insects on one of the windowsills. Then from under the throw rug came hundreds of scorpions.

It left me cold.. I killed them, too. I put them in a box and they never came out. But I left the room and never went back. After that I dreamt about a family (I think I was living in an apartment complex) that had just moved down the hall. But they were always moving..traveling - and beneath their room was a panel, a tunnel into Grand Central Station (which made perfect sense at the time.. ) And then going back to my new place I remember thinking about things that happened earlier - flashes of dingy rooms, hospitals and glaring lights.

I distinctly felt someone else in my bed. My twisted little mind created something that breathed and touched me until I woke up.

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